Thursday, 29 November 2012

Margate lowlife

I know some people get a little fussy about, running down locals or even down from London types but Lord knows there are some scum bags here in Thanet.

I realise that this is no way to open a blog posting but then you'll have to blame the low life, who uninvited helped himself to various items belonging to myself Margate Bloke, and family, including the means of production for this blog.

The start of the week, posting was to have been a bit on Kent police, and or commissioners, which as you might expect would have had a different flavour, all I can say is how reassuring, professional and efficient the police have been.

Yes I know that the criminal, was probably a hopeless victim of circumstance, either a typical drug addict or work shy welfare claimant, but part of me hopes that one day this crook has some misfortune at least experience the equivalent of the misery caused to his victims and hopefully much worse.

Any way when I get myself sorted out, I shall continue, perhaps on the topic of scum, that being the British Press and outrageous reaction from Cameron and Tories eager to suck up once again, no doubt with their pals at Murdoch's News international.

If only the victims of press could put some of these revolting press barons out of business for ruthlessly attacking vulnerable people knowing that they cannot answer back in any meaningful way.


  1. Sorry to hear you have had a thief in your presence. I am not sure I get the meaninng on the press do you want the state to enforce the press or do you want free press with an independant regulator?

  2. I'd like an independent organisation to swiftly deal with complaints by the public, not members of the press looking after themselves Don.

    Talk of state censorship is coming mainly from the bent journalists who have something to answer for.

  3. Margate Bloke,

    Sorry to hear about your theft. I Know how it feels.

    I am not clear on your point about press regulation. Is it the case that wish to have a government licensed 'Pravda' published by the 'Ministry Of Truth'?

  4. The one thing that I believe needs more control is the way the press decide that people are guilty before anything goes to court (& often before they've even been charged). The recent cases of Freddie Starr & Dave Lee Travis are good examples.

  5. What is being proposed is an independent watchdog. Part of the carrot to get the press to sign up is the promise that membership will reduce any pecuniary punishment in the future - it is this aspect that needs legal backing. Leveson was quite clear that this bit of law must also include an absolute commitment to press freedom - something that we don't have at the moment. Cameron and the others are blurring the edges deliberately - he is, after all, first and foremost a PR man and hence closely linked with the Fourth Estate.

  6. the british press have for many years got away with bullying the public,this whole issue is not about censoring the press but about protecting individuals who have been abused by a powerful group who have not been regulated by anyone but themselves.

    Since much of my week had been dominated by the b st rd', who helped himself to much of my property, I'm a bit biased but hey perhaps criminals ought also be self regulating

  7. I've lived in this place for over a year and still visit some good friends of mine. The place is overrun with the majority of vile nasty thick dropout lowlife scum, young and old. Not just Margate but the whole isle of Thanet in general. Got nothing productive to do their lives but collect their giros from the jobcentre and drink all day or buy a bit of coke/heroine from the many lowlife scum dealers that run the place. Chav slags getting pregnant left right and centre and only creating more of them. The more addicted the chavs are to the drugs the more the burglary/crime rates go up. Can't have a decent night out without worrying about some lowlife thick scum ruining it for you. Police force are complete incompetent morons that are simply there to cruise about in there cars on friday and saturday nights dealing with the chav scum that fight each other. Its also one big dumping ground for the asylum seekers that have flooded into the country, although I admit its not their fault and the majority of the problems are caused by our local homegrown chavs. God help the decent people living in this shithole.