Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Stroll through Margate

A stroll through Margate, in bracing weather, just the thing, after the peak Christmas festivities.

New Years day a bit of an anticlimax but one that gives the godless amongst us a focus of celebration.

A gander at the wonders contained in the Turner Contemporary, to clear the mind and lift the spirits.

So how sad, to come across a blood stained footpath, even sadder as I point out to my partner so as to avoid getting blood on their shoes,  being interrupted by helpful,  innocent young kids who casually detail another stabbing, just as if it's a normal ordinary occurrence.

It makes you think just how will Thanet ever climb out of the mire, still it's not all bad, there was a nice fresh breeze, to carry away the smell of cannabis, the drug of choice for those on a budget and frightened of a days work.


  1. Just a couple of the many reasons why I am moving away. Without forgetting of course all the corruption.

  2. A glib view but many treat Margate as a no go area myself included, it really is sad.