Thursday, 22 November 2012

Assassination not what it used to be

The anniversary of President John Kennedy death 22/11/1963 prompted this thought, the most shocking aspect, of the murder was the knowledge even the most powerful can not be immune, from violent lunatics.

My memory is vivid, and enhanced and embellished over the years (49) by documentaries offering all kinds of theories and detail, for me as a child I recall  the sudden sombre atmosphere that enveloped the older members of the family on Friday evening not too long after tea.
More than half a life time ago, and what has changed, well life is in colour, the news of that assassination, came black and white, courtesy of a "news flash", I'm not going to explain to those of you born or grown up in the rolling news era.

Today we live in a more enlightened time, back in the sixties till, Lee Harvey Oswald, changed the course of history, anything was possible, now with rolling news we sit passively in front of our big tellys, while journalists, with no emotion, inform us of surgical strikes in which political foes are routine despatched by pilot-less drones on the behest of the United States or as we've seen more recently Israel fileting what goes for the government of Gaza.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the middle east, surely Palestinians deserve better than the arbitrary murder and the disproportionate attacks, and the attempted murder of Hamas leaders, by Israeli leadership.

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