Wednesday, 21 November 2012

DEFRA "content" as Ferry full of sheep forced back to Ramsgate Port

Insane surely, comments from the animal health and veterinary agency, part of DEFRA , charged with safeguarding animal health and welfare, to claim that sheep subject to stormy seas, in what appears to have been a nightmare journey, are quoted as satisfied with arrangements and content that there are no welfare issues.

As for National Farmers Union spokesperson Frank Languish, what can you expect, put up on local tv news to represent & excuse those who profit from this ghastly trade.

Come off it, sheep farmers, don't try and convince us that this trade is in anyway acceptable.


  1. They say "unexpected headwinds" forced the vessel to return, Gale Force 9 warnings were issued before the JOLINE sailed from Calais so how was it unexpected. The whole set-up is a farce, if things had got worse they would have expected a lifeboat to go out, even though they made wrong decision to sail.

  2. We live in a world were, you and I know this grisly trade should be halted and yet those we expect to have the same standards of decency and responsibility do nothing to protect these unfortunate animals.