Sunday, 22 December 2013

Stop bringing Thanet down - TransEuropa a wise investment

Is it just me but I for one am sick and tired of local critics, constantly criticising councillors Clive Hart, Rick Everett, Bob Bayford and Martin Wise for simply allowing the bankrupt TransEuropa ferries to run up a three million pound unsecured debt. I'm sure that an esteemed organisation as the Isle of Thanet Gazette, would not publish this article if Thanet council were not acting in an upright and open manner.

Ian Driver (always the victim) another local councillor is bleating just because he faces the threat of gaol, should he dare to publish a secret report detailing Thanet council shenanigans concerning TransEuropa, who cares its only money chaps. Are we really supposed to believe councillors have been reckless in loaning millions without seeking and credit references or guarantees.

Leave Thanet Council alone its Christmas. As if Labour and Tory would collaborate to cover their arses.

Sorry for the interruption, since my last posting in May, but the doctors say the medication is now working and I can return to the community.


  1. Sorry Margate Bloke I will hush my mouth about TransEuropa Ferries. I am just a whinger

  2. Indeed, let's face it, who could doubt the word of Clive Hart, a man with a clean suit and immaculate hair.

  3. I agree, it's only money; and it being the season of goodwill I feel that all should benefit from the same level of generosity bestowed upon this fine (British?) company. How about deferred council tax for all for the next three years. Any shortfall in council income could be easily dealt with. Council officers could take deferred salaries and councillors could take deferred allowances and expenses. Benefit claimants could accept deferred payment and teachers and policemen could surely accept that deferred payment of their salaries is necessary in order to allow Transeuropa to prosper.