Sunday, 19 May 2013

Margate High St - What a Palaver

A hundred grand in the bank, some genius/celebrity and wallop, Margate traders, handbags at dawn and a channel 4 documentary, have according to the Isle of Thanet Gazette, finally come up with a plan.

Lets hope it works, it cannot have been easy, sticking that much money under the mattress for so long. Still me I'd have randomly handed out the Portas money, over a few months, just imagine the footfall if you were handing out say a grand a week.


  1. This shithole needs more than that I'm afraid! The place is overrun with the majority of vile nasty thick dropout lowlife scum, young and old. Not just Margate but the whole isle of Thanet in general. Got nothing productive to do their lives but collect their giros from the jobcentre and drink all day or buy a bit of coke/heroine from the many lowlife scum dealers that run the place. Chav slags getting pregnant left right and centre and only creating more of them. The more addicted the chavs are to the drugs the more the burglary/crime rates go up. Can't have a decent night out without worrying about some lowlife thick scum ruining it for you. Police force are complete incompetent morons that are simply there to cruise about in there cars on friday and saturday nights dealing with the chav scum that fight each other. Its also one big dumping ground for the asylum seekers that have flooded into the country, although I admit its not their fault and the majority of the problems are caused by our local homegrown chavs. God help the decent people living in this shithole.

    1. Ur abit of a wanker the majority are fine your an opinionated cunt with nothing better to do then right that because you probably grew up in thanet and got bullied because you a cunt