Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Has the PM gone bonkers on press freedom

Maybe you're one of those, who have that innate sense, that at the end of the day maintaining the status quo, is the right thing to do, in almost all circumstances and you may be right.

Still the vision of the PM suggesting that Britain's press sort out regulation of their industry once again, seems frankly bonkers.

Over the years the newspaper industry has trampled over people's lives, often it seems having broken the law in the process for what some sad trivia that matters to nobody except the cretins who write celebrity crap for those whose lives are so miserable that the minute details of some air head, footballer, actor or royal matter.

Matters having been bought to a head by the blatant disregard for the law by major publishers, surely the last ones to trust are a bunch of proprietors many foreign owned, to regulate their own sordid and grubby business.

This week the royal family had to announce the pregnancy of Kate Windsor at an early stage, something most couples keep quiet till later, presumably because the press would have splattered the news on the front pages anyway, the family were forced to announce the news earlier than they would wish.

So what are we to think, that Conservative David Cameron, is capable of an honest move in relation to the press industry, particularly given the close links with News International former employees and one guesses current employees or maybe he has gone bonkers, still unlike the press lets not prejudice the outcome.


  1. The nitty gritty is contained in your statement 'in blatant disregard for the law' and it is the failure to enforce existing law that comes up time and again in this country.

    All too frequently, and particularly in Labour's thirteen years in government, we saw our parliamentarians rushing to create new laws to solve problems when existing, and perfectly adequate legislation, was already not being enforced. It is almost as though MPs feel that they have to make new laws to justify their existence.

    The same is true here. Most of the things the press victims complain of are covered by laws and collars should have been felt. The fault is that they were not, not that we suddenly need some new law to stop it happening again.

    We should be very careful about giving governments any new powers to control a free press, but we should demand that the law enforcement agencies come down heavily on those in the media who offend the already adequate laws on privacy, phone hacking, trespass and libel.

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