Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Far left Rage for Farage? or Welcome to Thanets Benefit Street Kids

If nothing else UKIP continue, to emote strong reactions, for no other reason than they dare to articulate genuine fears of the public regarding Europe with reason and cold facts, which mainstream parties the Conservative, Labour & Liberal Democrats cravenly avoid.

Therefore it was no surprise that Thanet's apparent loose alliance of lefties were out to cause trouble as Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP arrived for a meeting in Margate, admittedly it appears from the television pictures to have been a rather miserable turnout, of I suspect Socialist Workers ( a misnomer usually people awkward in company and on benefits!) and animal welfare activists whom generally have a great capacity than normal for harming members of their own species.

As you might expect Thanet's guardian of all things left, Cllr Ian Driver always rational had this to say on his blog about the sorry group of thugs and legitimate protesters,  "Some very angry people were there." his piece started off, in restrained manner, "I guess it was inevitable things would kick off." he quickly added "UKIP seem to be upsetting everyone. " (what by quietly holding a meeting in a hotel?) ignoring the obvious violence and hostility of those he seems so supportive.

I don't doubt criticism of migration policy within Europe makes us all feel uncomfortable, however there has to be a finite number of people this country can absorb, when someone can explain the benefit of British children attending schools outnumber by non English speakers, overwhelmed health services etcetera then I shall buy into the Euro Dream.

As far as I'm concerned Nigel Farage is welcome to visit Thanet anytime he likes, and unlike some of our guests, I doubt he'll need anyone to remind him, that not only is it bad manners to attempt to break into a vehicle in broad daylight but against the law, as was the behaviour of those he filmed by Ian Driver.

Perhaps, Cllr Ian Driver could one day be the Green Party's Cllr David Silvester

PS I noticed that BBC South East lackeys of the establishment, seemed to spend more time dishing up anti UKIP dirt than honest when reporting this attack by Thanet thugs.

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  1. Nothing more than a few sorry unemployed lefties seeking excitement.They persist in conflating race with nationality. Presumably because they believe it to be a good propaganda tool or, more likely, because they do not possess the wit to understand the difference.

  2. The same group of scruff bags were a few days ago demonstrating at the temporary closure of the pedestrian access through the Vere Road car park whilst construction works go on. That time they had the left's answer to Pitt the Younger in Will Scobie as their leader.

    Worth noting that Driver and Scobie often share the platform at the lefty rant meetings held in the Red Hall, Broadstairs. If young Will wants to be taken seriously as an aspiring parliamentarian he might be best advised to seek a better type of company.

  3. What an ill informed comment Anon 15.18. The "scruff bags" who were demonstrating at Vere Rd are in fact mostly elderly dog walkers and have an average age considerably higher than those attending the Walpole Bay. Will Scobie has attended ONE meeting at the Red Hall to debate various issues with Laura Sandys and a couple of others. That is hardly " often".
    Are you perhaps a journalist who unable to write a decent story based on fact descends into the realm of fantasy fiction?

    1. Having observed the Vere Road protest, which included several of the usual suspects seen at other times in Pierrement Park or the Turner, I did not see you anywhere Mike and you are not exactly invisible.

      Are you perhaps, a politically motivated commentator leaping to the defence of your party's protégé and who makes it up to suit the case.

      By the way, since it seems to have conveniently escaped your notice, Will even joined the Red Hall mob in their campaign against the Broadstairs Community Centre, long before becoming your PPC for South Thanet and when Broadstairs was nothing to do with him.

    2. Interestingly enough, both Mike Harrison and Will Scobie, as District Councillors, will be well aware of the situation with the Vere Road car park work and that the developer has undertaken to restore public pedestrian access as soon as it is safe to do so. Meantime, access to the allotments and green area is still available from either Alexandra Road or the footpath from Bradstow Way.

      Are these worthy councillors saying that dog walkers should be permitted to go through a construction site, complete with owner and pet hard hats, or is it just an opportunity to protest and do a bit of candidate profiling.