Saturday, 22 February 2014

Had enough of politicians Eurotrash

Maybe I'm living in a different country to those in the political mainstream, I see Liberal democrats are going head on with UKIP and Mr Farage as part of the campaign for the European Elections, not a bad strategy, few members of the public will even vote in the elections, and it will be those mainly affluent  middle class voters who are frankly clueless of normal life and immune in their nice upmarket enclaves in the better parts our towns and villages.

Still as one who supports the idea of a collaborative Europe the reality since the 1970's has resulted in the lost of UK sovereignty, not something that was accepted or part of sales pitch at the time of this country joining.

In reality few if any benefits have accrued to this country by EU membership, in fact having subbed poorer countries like Ireland etc. and funded multi billion Euro fraud I guess we've lost out.

What have we got, well a poorer health service oversubscribed and getting worse, our children and grandchildren have to share scant resources with non English speakers, those in traditional manufacturing, agriculture and construction jobs have been priced out by cheap easily exploited labour.

With no border control, we haven't a clue who or what sort of people are in this country, not even the the three men described as dark European in this report in the Gazette, is this exceptional I don't know, is it a coincidence that I interrupted men of a similar description a few weeks ago trying to force a door open.

For those sensitive types, I stress that the majority of non British people I meet are law abiding hard workers, but maybe we could ask that those taking up residence in this country, have to go on an induction course, in which we could point out certain things we take for granted, such as free speech, equality something not understood by many and lets be honest some communities still think its OK to abuse women.

Finally this is my own view which is similar to most I encounter, and it is certainly not representing any political party, since it is fair to say that no political party other than UKIP allow free thinking on Europe.

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