Sunday, 23 March 2014

New Leisure complex for Thanet

drugs heaven welcome to thanetHot on the heals of a call for cannabis cafe, Thanetonians are speculating as to where things might progress with this line of thinking.

Well this is only my prediction however given the enthusiasm shown so far from local down and outs and of course those of the loose woolly minded socialist alliance, perhaps its time for professional purveyors of recreational drugs to get involved.

Why stop at a cannabis cafe, surely this would exclude a more sophisticated and affluent demographic, maybe we should broaden this out to include an opium den, perhaps an old warehouse for raves to aid consumption of ecstasy, amphetamines and all the newfangled stuff.

Public money is in short supply, and this is where existing drug traders can help finance such a project giving their knowledge of the drugs economy, such as street crime, muggings, burglary, prostitution.

Cllr. Driver ex-recreational drug user (according to Thanet extra)which would explain at lot, has set the ball rolling on this one, perhaps now that Anne Gloag of Stagecoach fame has found her one pound purchase of Manston Airport, hasn’t panned out as hoped,  she could donate the site for the above recreational use.


  1. Just because Ian Driver has used drugs in the past it does not infer that his thinking is flawed.

  2. You mean "imply" - and yes it does!

    1. for picky