Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scobie attacks his own party policy

A key policy of the last Labour government education was firmly attacked when Will Scobie spoke during the Ellington and Hearson school debate, Labours young general election candidate condemned tuition fees, saying that they " encapsulate so much that is wrong with this country".

Not sure who he thinks should pay for his education, but it was his future Labour colleagues, that loaded him with his debt, but on the positive side he will no doubt, earn more that the average local resident, (even the freeloading benefit street crowd).

I just hope that Mr Scobie also considers why we the public are handing he and his co councillors not inconsiderable sums of money for showing up at the council meetings.  I note that Will has some success as a canvasser for Labour, I wonder if he's considered a job in Sales?

Still just for Scobie here's a link, may I suggest if Scobie wishes to get elected he visits his parties past before he puts his foot in his mouth again. Should we be stupid enough to vote him in, at least he wont be bumping into comrade Blunkett the man responsible for his student loans, since he's leaving Westminster before the moaning Scobie generation arrive.

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