Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thanet council punish local residents and dump bin collections

Thanet council is never afraid to bite the hand that feeds, whether it be Manston Airport, Ramsgate Eastcliff development or the campaign they are running this week to force residents to comply with there strict waste management scheme

Last week thanet council publicised their concerns about refuse collections and how far as recycling was concerned they did not think the public were cooperating.

TDC issued a press release on the matter indicated that it was aware of problems with recycling waste for some time but has allowed local residents some leeway after system was introduced at the start of the year.

As with many things the council has unfortunately allowed a problem to develop into a major crisis, such as we have seen it with Ramsgate Harbour, the Eastcliff development and EKO.

Instead of politely reminding residents of a problem by perhaps attaching a letter to bins advising that recycling bins were not correctly filled, power crazed local officials have decided rather than manage the situation in a respectful way, instead power crazed (IMHO) as usual they've decided to cause maximum irritation, firstly by not emptying in bins, then attaching an insulting label which cannot be removed presumably to forever brand wrong doers.

I' m not blaming those who have to collect the bins, but I do think that those who manage our refuse are not up to the job, as many of us remember, from the end of last year many had to wait upto three or four weeks despite endless misinformation from officers and councillors.

I took a stroll this week after Thanet bin men had paid a flying visit and estimate that perhaps 50% of bins had been left behind, imagine that many like myself assumed we'd sorted it the rubbish correctly.

Should we residents who pay the wages and allowances of officers like McGonigal, Homer (boss while the other one's suspended sorry on leave) or councillors like Johnson and Mike Harrison,  expect a little better treatment.

Take Cllr Mike Harrison, back in 2012 the Labour party gave him a second chance after the great "shirt lifter" incident, and now he's back as cabinet member for operational services, laying down the law

 “Since the start of the scheme the council has allowed some time for residents to adjust to the changes to their collections and has taken a more relaxed approach, but we now need to stick more rigidly to our rules. This essentially means that if items are not put in the right container, the recycling will not be collected. (Margate bloke says) "why didn't you instead of taking a relaxed approach, take business like approach and leave a leaflet with the bins explaining any problems?

“This is not an attempt to inconvenience our residents, but is a necessary measure to ensure that the efforts of those who do recycle correctly are not wasted. I hope that residents will understand that by taking what may seem to be a tougher approach, we will ultimately see much wider benefits for Thanet. ” (Margate bloke says) "Why the heck inconvienience people why not have reminded them during the last 8mths

To sum up Labour introduce the current waste management, from the outset it was an almighty flipping cock up, led by that former? Labour bod Poole, if you ask me Labour councillors from Aldred through to Worrow and Harrison in the middle are only in it for one reason and it ain't you or I.   I'm surprised that bin men have the time to forensically examine the bins,  still anything is possible with authoritarian Labour.


  1. It's very simple. If they don't collect the bins why not organise and refuse to pay the part of the council tax levied for waste collection. Those of us who remember the poll tax will remember what happens when large numbers of people refuse to pay; the system collapses.

  2. Well maybe a good way to remind Labour councillors would be to use their contact detail and ask them if still expect people to vote for them after ferrygate EKO Eastcliffe Manston

    And of course its not just Labour.

  3. In this matter and others the mindset among Councillors and in particular their Officers is to show us whose boss.

    However.I must say that on the one occasion when I have phoned TDC seeking clarification on the food bin the Officer was helpful and polite.

  4. When we've had a missed collection (nothing to do with wrongly sorted waste) the smaller vehicle they send to collect it just dumps all the waste in together ! So seem to be some double standards at work here.